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Pet Care


At Animal Medical Center of Iuka, MS, you'll get exceptional quality wellness services for your dog or cat. From vaccinations and preventive care to blood tests and

X-rays, your pet's health and wellness needs are fully covered. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Reliable pet wellness

Compassionate pet care

Your pet needs to have good oral health. Poor oral hygiene may

result in gum and tooth diseases. Therefore, it's recommended to

get your pet's teeth examined periodically. Count on our top-

notch pet dental care to keep

dental diseases at bay.

Complete pet dental care

Although most pet diseases

can be treated orally, surgical methods may be required in certain scenarios to prevent

health complications. Count on our outstanding pet surgical services that will ensure your pet's recovery in no time.

Dependable pet surgery

You'll find superb pet supplies

for your dog or cat in our inventory. Pamper your pet with top-notch pet supplies that will leave it delighted like never before. Call 662-423-9335 to learn more about our pet supplies from our friendly staff.

High-quality pet supplies

Affordable pet supplies Trusted pet surgical services Get rid of pet dental problems




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